Rack-Mount Erasure Device

Rack-Mount Erasure Device



Versatile, Economical & Fast

The RED-X is the premier enterprise erasure appliance built in a 4U chassis that is equally at home on a crash cart or rack mounted.  Housing 8 individual bays, each of which can be configured to erase either FC, SAS/SATA, or SCSI drives. Bays are configured at the build to customer specifications.  Now a single appliance can perform a data wipe to DoD or NIST specifications on any spinning failed drive of any protocol, size or capacity, from any manufacturer.  Perfect for erasing failed drives prior to their return to manufacturer.

The RED-X is equally capable of erasing most entire storage arrays without removing drives from the array.  Examples include EMC's Clariion, VMAX, or DMX, HP EVA and MSA, IBM DS4000, DS5000, IBM ESS800 and DS8000, etc.   

The appliance is fast - a typical erasure of three drawers of 146GB FC disk, each housing 15 drives (45 total) will complete in less than 40 minutes.  A single RED-X can be configured to erase up to 12 drawers of disk simultaneously - so an entire storage array can be securely erased in a brief period of time.

The RED-X is a Windows based appliance that runs 110v power, standard three prong safety plug.  The embedded erasure program runs as an application.  The application communicates with the internal HBA's to address physical disk drives for erasure.  The software is fully customizable:

1) For each erasure performed, the operator may choose the desired erasure standard from a pulldown menu - NIST, DoD, HMG, or for SATA drives, SECURE ERASE.  Various flavors of NIST and DoD are included, ranging from single pass to seven pass erasures.

2) Adjustable bad block tolerance - this is the only erasure software which drops down to perform block level overwriting when a bad sector is encountered - increasing the odds of a successful erasure.  Each organization determines how many bad blocks are acceptable before a drive must "FAIL" the erasure process and be physically destroyed.

3) When performing array erasure, the user may choose from a pulldown menu the graphic which most closely represents the target array, then by right-clicking the drives may be assigned to the GUI - and the erasure process initiates.  

4) Operator Logon - determined by the System Admin, each operator may optionally be assigned a login.  For each login created, the System Admin determines appropriate privileges for maximum security.

5) An optional label printer may be included which prints drive details for each erasure performed - to be affixed to the target drive.

6) Erasure reporting is fully customizable.  Each erasure log holds approximately 26 data fields, from information like drive serial/manufacturer to number of bad blocks encountered, erasure duration, time of day, appliance operator - to the more mundane like Glist stats.  Reports are generated by clicking the "REPORT" icon, and may be output to HTML, CSV, or Secure PDF.  When output to Secure PDF the report becomes legal evidence of erasure, as the log file includes hashing algorithms to prevent tampering.

The graphic below shows the RED-X in use, the GUI represents each bays activity.  In the example below, three drives are being erase, one SCSI, one SAS, and one SATA, the speed of the erasure is generally limited by the speed of the drive.  In this case the 1TB SATA is running a bit over 100MB/sec, and will take something over three hours to complete a single pass SECURE ERASE.