Erasure Lab


Our Erasure Lab is the most complete erasure appliance in our portfolio.  It may be configured to erase dozens of individual drives simultaneously - and also can erase full storage arrays without removing the drives from the arrays.  Each Erasure Lab is a self-contained unit that can erase Fibre Channel, SAS, SATA, and SCSI drives from any vendor.  The same Erasure Lab can erase any SAN attached storage array via LUN erase. Direct attach erasure, as shown on the intro video on the home page, is also available.  To complete the solution, the Mobile Lab can also include a hard drive destroyer - for drives that cannot be erased.   


If you require…

Speed and Efficiency
Capable of erasing hundreds of terabytes of information on multiple devices across multiple protocols simultaneously.

Our mobile units include integrated display, keyboard, trackpad, with optional scanner and printer.

Hardware and software configurations are determined by the customer based on application.. Easy to refit for different projects.

Direct support for Fibre Channel, SCSI and SAS/SATA allow for entire storage arrays to be erased without removing hard drives

NIST, DOD and NAVSO compliant

Integrated label and report printing for immediate reporting to customer.