Home Depot


Monday, 16 February 2015
Home Depot

With over 2200 stores in North America and multiiple data centers, Home Depot takes a disciplined approach to data security.  Hard disk drives are not permitted to leave Home Depot's premises without having gone through a through data wiping process, to either DoD or NIST standards.

Vendors had been providing data wiping services to Home Depot, but with a cost typically between $6,000 to $15,000 per array, a more economical solution needed to be implemented.  In addition, failed disks pulled from storage arrays needed to erased prior to their return to manufacturer - and vendor drive wiping services were becoming more costly.

After careful evaluation, Home Depot decided to use the Mobile Erasure Lab because of its high volume erasure capabilities, as well as its agility to handle individual failed drive erasure as well.  Now Home Depot can erase a single frame array in less than 4 hours, while with freeware the same process literally required multiple days to complete.

For each array erased, a Certified Erasure Report is generated which shows by individual serial number each drive in that storage array which was erased, providing legal evidence of a successful erasure to DoD or NIST standards.