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Datacenter Erasure Solutions

We provide your organization with an appliance the will Securely Erase any spinning hard disk drive.  This includes, but is not limited to:

1)  Hard drives pulled from storage arrays and servers that need to be returned to manufacturer for warranty purposes (RMA).

2)  Entire storage arrays (without removing individual drives).  Our appliances erase dozens of drives simultaneously AT RATED SPEED.  Examples of arrays that can be successfully erased include EMC DMX, Clariion, VMAX, IBM DS8000, DS4000, DS5000, DS3000, HP EVA, HDS AMS series, NetApp, and many others.

3)  PC Drives via bootable USB media or via PXE boot from the appliance



Erasure Lab

Erasure Lab
Custom Engineered Software / Hardware Systems for On-Site, High Volume Scenarios


Rack-Mount Erasure Device

The RED-X - Secure Erase for failed hard disk drives

  • One system all enterprise HDD types, 8 drives at once
  • Bench or Rackmount
  • Robust erasure logs stored locally on device



Storage Array Erasure

Do you need to securely erase terabytes of data on multiple devices across multiple protocols simultaneously?