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Tuesday, 19 March 2013
Norfolk Southern

Warranty Drive Erasure Use Case

Norfolk Southern is a multi-vendor data center operations in multiple locations.  Each disk vendor was proposing its own solution to the vexing issue of how to secure data on drives pulled from servers and storage arrays prior to their return to the manufacturer (Return Merchandise Authorization, RMA).    One vendor was billing $60,000 annually for an erasure service to wipe data - just from that manufacturer's drives.  Another vendor was billing a per drive charge to Norfolk Southern for each drive that Norfolk Southern choose not to return - otherwise known as a hard drive retention fee - the bill from this vendor often topped $20,000 monthly.  

Norfolk Southern chose the RED-X Solution because it paid for itself in the first 6 weeks of operation.  All manufacturer drives sizes and protocols are erased using a single appliance located in each data center.  After each drive is erased a log file is stored and a Certified Erasure Report is generated on demand showing by serial number when and how and by whom each drive was erased.