Data Center Disk Erasure


Our erasure appliances satisfy HIPAA, HITECH, and PCI data destruction requirements - by securely erasing data center hard disks to NIST, DoD, NAVSO, or many other relevant standards. 

Use the RED-X to erase hard disk drives pulled from storage arrays and servers that need to be returned to manufacturer for warranty purposes (RMA), without voiding manufacturer warranties. Lesser erasure tools may need to reformat drives prior to erasure - voiding the manufacture warranty - ours does not, thereby ensuring compliance with warranty agreements.

Any of our erasure appliances have the ability to erase entire storage arrays without removing individual drives.  Because the appliances address drives directly without passing through the storage controller, erasure is performed at/near the maximum write speed of the drive.  Arrays that may currently require days to erase with lesser products can now be completed in hours. 

Be confident that all data has been erased.  Lesser products don't erase bad sectors, remapped sectors, or protected areas of the disk - our appliances erase all these areas ensuring compliance with Federal and Industry Regulations.

Examples of arrays that can be successfully erased include EMC DMX, Clariion, VMAX, IBM DS8000, IBM XIV, DS4000, DS5000, DS3000, HP EVA, HP MSA, HDS AMS, HDS USP series, and NetApp.

One appliance erase all drive types including Fibre Channel, SAS/SATA, SCSI, and IDE. Each appliance includes unlimited erasure licenses for the life of the product.

Data Erasure is the most economical and secure method of data destruction available. 




What is Secure Erase?

Secure Erase is the name given to a set of commands available from the firmware on PATA and SATA based hard drives. The Secure Erase commands are used as a data sanitization method to completely overwrite all of the data on a hard drive.


Certified Erasure Reports

Common erasure standards used in the U.S. include NIST 800-88 and DoD 5220-22M.  However, these agencies (NIST and DoD) do not actually certify that any erasure software performs to the standards published by that agency.  NIST and DoD  publish standards, it is the responsibility of the data owner to ensure their data destruction solution performs to the published standard - which is usually accomplished via forensics testing during the evaluation phase of implementing the data destruction solution.   Any software provider who claims their software is CERTIFIED by the DoD or NIST is misleading the public.

Why Erase?

Simple – avoid paying vendor hard drive retention fees for failed hard drives pulled from storage arrays and servers.  Some vendors bill their customers $60,000 annually (per site) to erase failed warranty drives.  Our primary solution costs less than $60,000 to purchase, includes unlimited use,  and includes three years of warranty and support – a magnitude of order less expensive.  Our solution will also erase all vendor drives and all drive protocols – including Fibre Channel, SAS, SATA, SCSI, and IDE – using just one 4U portable appliance.